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Forex Training in Urdu and Solution of Real Online Money Making System
Forex Trading Introduction In Urdu

Here is a simple introduction of Forex Trading in urdu. I hope this tutorial of Forex In Urdu will help you in better understanding of Forex Trading.In later posts,we will share simple tricks in Urdu about Forex and becoming a successful Forex Trader.

[Image: 10999768_874410789297946_792674585569688...e=55F19525]
[Image: 11053414_874411049297920_333178903541051...cd29484ca1]
[Image: 11257843_874411085964583_238873810803979...e=56288468]
[Image: 11428018_874411129297912_564833867408871...e=55FA4BB7]
[Image: 11407091_874411162631242_438152810613394...f4ae4a52ab]
[Image: 11406976_874411222631236_499924525316680...e=55EA996E]

I hope you can easily understand what is Forex.In next posts,I will share the tips and tricks on Forex which will help you in learning on how to trade and when to trade.Keep touch from

Point no.2 presents another lecture in Urdu.In this urdu Lecture of forex Trading, two simple tips are shared.Always follow these simple tips when you are going for forex trading.Forex can bring you much money as well as much losses.So always try to adopt safe ways for Making Money through Forex.These simple tips are also translated in English so that a good understanding can be provided here.Check these Forex Trading Urdu
 Training Tips below.

[Image: 11036991_874414715964220_461278906062719...084f2abd2a]
Forex Trading Urdu Training Tip No.1.

Choice of Broker.

A good broker is the one who doesn't charge any commission from you.All good brokers always try to earn money through spreads and they don't charge any commission from traders.For example,A broker who charges some commission whenever you place an order,either you get profit or losses he will charge a fix amount as commission.While,Good brokers always try to make money through spreads difference.The amount of difference between sell and buy price is called spread and lowest spread is always best for you.Try to select a broker without commissions and also with low spreads like Instaforex,etoro and Avafx.They don't charge any commision on placing forex orders.

Forex Trading Urdu Training Tip No.2

Trading Personality

The most important thing while trading is the determination of your personality.You have to trade as per your personality.If you have a quicky type personality and you can't sit for hours watching your trades going for losses,then short entry or day trading is best for you.It is also called scalping.Scalping should be done after trend finding.If some currency pair is moving in uptrend from past two hours or the whole day,you must buy it along the trend but buy when it has come below the top point of those two hours or the day.Always pay attention that no news is coming about that currency during that time. If a currency pair is going in downtrend,selling that at the top point of the day or hour would bring profits for you.

Keep touch from,We will share more about Forex trading and getting a complete guide for forex.

Point no.3

Here is another urdu tutorial for Forex Trading in Urdu.This Training will guide you to understand Forex and becoming a successful forex trader.This Article is translated in both Urdu and English languages for easy understanding.I hope you have started a good learning of Forex In Urdu on this blog.Join and stay updated with our Forex Guide In Urdu.
[Image: 11406883_874414365964255_199487592220257...e=55F1DB05]
1.Forex News Websites.

It is mandatory to stay updated with forex news if you want to become a succesful trader.There are plenty of news regarding every currency coming daily.These news put a reasonable impact on currency rate.For example,If EURO is being traded around a rate and suddenly European Central bank decreases its interest rate on EURO,the rate will fall in seconds.If you were logged on to news and you put a sell order right in time,you can make much profit within seconds by selling EURO.Such important news are Jobs Data,Retail Sales,Bank meetings and many others which put a great impact on currency rate.

2.Good Forex Traders Watch News

All good forex traders keep a close eye on news and even pay a lot of money to stay updated with news.There are a few good websites which offer forex news for free.Today,we will discuss a few Forex News websites which update their news quickly.These sites also provide a good analysis of currencies and articles about Forex which can help a trader to get aid.We can plan our trading after reading those articles.The top three sites for For Forex News are

We will discuss here.It is a great website which offers a nice Economic Calendar.This Calendar contains news and events schedule alongwith can simply click the link of economic calendar and check the upcoming events.Moreover,the results are updated within few seconds after the release of news data

Point no.4

Here is another post regarding Forex Trading In Urdu.Learn Forex Charts In Urdu here.If your are interested in better understanding of Forex,It is mandatory to understand these charts.We have given some introduction of most important forex charts which can help you in trading.After understanding these charts one can easily understand when to sell and when to buy a trade.These charts provide a guideline for trading.Check Forex Charts In Urdu below.

[Image: 11200916_874412305964461_940046728414519...5cfa9d01df]
[Image: 11257922_874412419297783_426873696056382...e=562A4DAD]
[Image: 10676303_874412485964443_474049916781932...e=55F925B7]
Candlesticks chart is most important in forex Trading.We have given an introductions of CandleSticks Chart In Urdu.This chart was developed by Japanese so it is called Japanese Candlestick chart.In this chart one can understand the behavior of a currency or a trade in a given time frame.Timing can be selected and candles will appear according the selected timing.A timing of one minute to month can be selected.If 1 minute timeframe is sleceted,each candle will represent a one minute time.The color and shape of the candle will tell that how currency was sold or bought in this one minute and also the direction of the currency.The details of Candlestick charts and how to understand candlesticks shape will be discussed in next posts.

2.Bar charts.
Bar chart is also a similar chart like candlesticks.It provides the best guidelines to get the top and lowest price of that currency or trade in a given timeframe.Normally,the highest points are considered as sell points and lowest points are considered as buy points but it also depends upon the trend.We will discuss bar charts in detail.

Due to time problems,we are forced to keep the post length minimum but we will try our best to discuss all the Forex Trading In Urdu for your better understanding.However,the english translation is also available here.We hope you will like that.

Meta trader software is used by many companies in Forex. This software allows the best use of Forex Charts. Join blog to stay updated with every post about Forex Charts

Point no.5

Forex Urdu Training [Forex Minimum Investment]

Here is another training lecture of Forex Trading in Urdu.I hope these Forex Urdu Training lectures are helpful for those who want to learn Forex in Urdu.Today,we will discuss the minimum requirement of investment to start a Forex business.Forex is a nice,risky and amazing business and very profitable if you do it according to a set of rules.We will discuss how much minimum investment is need to become a successful Forex trader and to make money online.

[Image: 11206940_874414189297606_791344904626543...146b0144ae]
[Image: 11148444_874414245964267_735304642669579...e=55EB7402]
We recommend an account with minimum of 500$ or greater.The lot size should also be small in order to save your account.With 500$ account,we recommend 0.05$,0.10 or 0.20 lot size with a leverage of 400.The most important is that you have enough practice on Demo account before starting into real account.We recommend a Forex trading business when you have 3-4 months demo practice and 500$ minimum amount to start.Keep visiting for more informative articles.

[b][b][u]Point no.6

Forex Urdu Tutorial [Best Trading Time]

Here is another Forex Urdu Tutorial about best trading time.This short tutorial about Forex in Urdu will brief you about the suitable Forex timings.Forex markets are open 24/5 all the time but every hours could never be an ideal for your trading style.You must select a suitable time to trade in.We will provide you an Urdu guideline about Forex timings and when to trade.Check this short tutorial below.[b][b][u]

[Image: 11407214_874414782630880_509479073083242...e=55F96F19]
[/u][/b]There are few hours in Forex exchange when the markets are having the maximum liquidity. It means that the currencies move a lot up/down during this specific timing.Tuesday to Thursday markets are more volatile and currencies tend to move largely but on Monday and Friday there is a slow process usually.

As per Pakistan standard time, Markets are more volatile when London and New york markets are in action(6pm-9pm)The maximum traders around the world are online between 6pm-9pm and currencies make bigger movements.The Australians and Asian markets tend to move slowly(3am-10am PST).

If you are starting trading with a low budget,then you must eye the markets after 9pm as there is a slow movement,currency trends are set.The direction of currency trend is set as most of the news are out before 9pm and the traders are clear to move the currency in a direction.Remember one thing that usually between 8.30pm-9pm,the currencies move opposite to the set trend.During this time,London market is getting closed and maximum traders are locking their profits while closing the market.So,temporarily the currency goes opposite to its trend during 8.30pm-9pm but then it returns to its original track.

You are always to get assured that what was the trend before 8pm for the particular currency and how it is behaving between 8.30pm--9pm.Then after confirmation of trend again after 9pm,you should go along the trend.It will increase your luck and chances to gain maximum profits.Due to the shortage of time,our post length is minimum.We will bring more in us in prayers.


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