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My trip to Murree & Islamabad
It has been great Big Grin I get so damn exhausted that I just go to sleep as I get back to hotel. I'm still on my way out to Patriata.
I have been through Muree Chairlift, Bhurband - Pearl Continental, Neelam Point and than stopped at Lower Topa, and lastly, Kashmir point.

Its has been great till yesterday, now my points will be Patriata then back to Islamabad and a few points there as well.

I have loads and loads of pictures, but Picasa web and my mobile phone does not have enough command over bulk photo uploads. I'll be uploading the pictures when I get back home!

[Image: mure3.jpg]
I have visited Murree & it's very beautiful place
I have been there as well in 2009
Murree is a great place to visit
murree is a good place to visit during summer speicially the weather is quite attractive and romantic
i visit muree nathia gali every year my chacha lives there in his house which he owns also kahmir is awesome i went there last year only

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