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6 Home Remedies for Treatment of Pimples
According to different skin types, pimples can be treated in different ways. But there are also such home remedies that can treat pimples on skin of any type.
Women usually complain about spots due to dry skin while pimples are due to their oily or combined skin. This is a universal problem and you can use several methods to treat this problem. One of the most effective ones is the use of natural home remedies to treat your pimples while few of these home remedies are presented here below.
Neem Paste
It is a very simple home remedy for treatment of pimples. For this purpose, make a paste by blending neem leaves with water and then apply this paste on the affected area. Apart from that, you can also boil the water and use it for bath. This remedy will not only treat pimples but also helps to halt its return in the future
Another natural way to heal your pimples is by using peppermint. First, made the paste of peppermint and apply it on your pimples and let it dry. Later, use clean water to wash it off. You should always use fresh peppermint leaves while the paste should be use in thick texture.
Rose Water

This is one of the most trusted remedies for pimples since long. Just mix fuller’s earth with rose water and camphor to make a thick paste and then apply it on the affected area. Wash it off with water after it gets dry.

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