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Lost my purse - nadeemiqbal96 - 29-07-2012

Hi i lost my purse/wallet in Khanewal Bus station,ayyoub road street near Pearl foto lab building..its black colour purse,it has my NADARA i.d,my visa debit card, and many important documents.if anybody found it please return it..0300 name is Nadeem Iqbal..

RE: Lost my purse - jameelniazi - 29-07-2012

اللہ آپ کو آپ کا کھویا ہوا سامان واپس دلادے۔ آمین

RE: Lost my purse - fahimabbasi - 30-07-2012

Gumma huwa saman buhat kam hi wapis milta hai. good luck!

RE: Lost my purse - crysmarye - 14-12-2016

the lost thing never or may found
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RE: Lost my purse - AshleySewell - 27-04-2017

Have you reported to the nearest police station so that it may work to find your purse?
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