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Study in Canada - zahra1234 - 06-03-2018

Canada is a developed country in North America which is known for its beauty, vastness and higher education level. Canada has numerous institutes and universities that offer education to foreign students. In Canada, the foreign students are allowed to do work on campus and work off campus facilities with some conditions. Foreign students who want to study in Canada must meet certain criteria to be eligible to study in Canada. These students must be accepted by designated learning institution in Canada, you must prove to have enough money to pay for tuition fee, living expenses and return transportation, you should be in good health etc./
[Image: canada-1.jpg]

Canada provides quality education at low cost as the country is providing not only scholarships to the students but also opportunities to work while studying. More than 175,000 international students start education in Canada every year. There are several Canadian universities that are providing quality on various academic fields. The students who want to study undergraduate program have to spend around CA$ 14,000 tuition fee per annum while the average annual fee for postgraduate program is CA$42,000. International students have the option to adopt on campus, off campus and homestay accommodation while studying in Canada. Canadian institutes prefer international students on the basis of their performance and grades in high school and their proficiency in English language skills. 5 different language tests are required for international students to qualify to study in Canada. These tests include CAEL (Canadian Academic English Language Assessment Test), CanTEST, MELAB, IELTS and TOEFL.