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Hello, This is Ajmal from Khanewal. Live & work in Dubai.

Is there anybody in UAE from Khanewal city?
One of my friend from Khanewal city is working in Dubai as well but I don’t know his address.

Right now I am sending him a text message to join this website.
This is a very nice website to gather all Khanewal emigrants in one place.
I think all Khanewal's people should join this site and all that remained united
This is such a brilliant effort ever made in Khanewal city.

Keep it up & cheers!

Hello Ajmal brother, I am Shramik from Nepal.
(27-07-2012, 11:39 PM)nepboi Wrote: [ -> ]Hello Ajmal brother, I am Shramik from Nepal.

Namaste hajur, kastu cha?
so nice!
Khanewal community abroad as well, it's just prefect.
Slaam-o-Alekum Ajmal Bhai i am Ali from Asghar Photo Lab .How are you. its long time has passed since i saw you do you remember me
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